iPhone 13: what to expect?

December 23, 2020

iPhone 13 expected to have smaller notches and more camera sensors.


The smartphone will use D-ToF (Direct ToF) technology.


Apple released four iPhone 12 models this year, two of which received a ToF time-of-flight camera.


Given the fame of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, analysts speculate that the iPhone 13 will also include LiDAR.


According to reports, the iPhone 13 lineup will have four models. These phones will use D-ToF (Direct ToF) technology. It is reported that II-VI Incorporated will manufacture VCSEL chips for time-of-flight cameras for the next generation of iPhones.


II-VI Incorporated will be the second supplier of these modules. The first is the American company Lumentum, which teamed up with Apple to create VCSEL chips for the LiDARs used in the iPhone 12 Pro.


Also, exciting information surfaced iPhone 13 will have smaller notches and more camera sensors. The size of the branded cut out in the central upper part of the screen will become smaller.


iPhone 13 will most likely roll in Fall 2021. Until then, all we have are speculated upgrades from the leaked insider information.